Engagement Season

Engagement Season

Everyone will tell you that it is the biggest day of your life. It is.  It will be. You will have everyone you care about in one space, family and friends, people who are unlikely EVER to get together again.  Young and old.  ‘Time and tide wait for no man’ so the saying goes, and weddings should be about mixed generations – aging aunts and nursing mothers, babies and grannies and your friends misbehaving. It is momentous.  It will be like all your Christmases and birthdays rolled into one.  The best place to start your wedding planning journey is with the venue, when you have secured your wedding venue you will have the date, and only with the date can you then approach other wedding suppliers to check out their availability.

So questions to ask yourself, where in the world would you like to get married?  Do you want a castle or country house, a hotel or a barn?  Do you have an idea of affordability and how big is your guest list? Once you have guest numbers and geography sorted, here are some important questions to consider when wedding venue hunting.  What is the capacity, can the venue seat all of my guests?  Does the venue have a wedding licence to marry on site? Does the venue have beautiful photo opportunities?  Does the venue have essential facilities, toilets, kitchen, parking?  We have all of this on offer at Fonthill, Bake Barn is licenced for ceremonies onsite and we are hoping with a change in the law, to be able to licence other areas of the Estate – in the future maybe offer lakeside weddings? Interest in our venues at Fonthill has increased greatly so much so, that we are now booking wedding dates for 2023 and 2024 and with this growth, we look forward to introducing our new member of the team in February’s Fabric. SAVE THE DATE.


Feel free to ring the Estate Office and find out our availability. 01747 820 246

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