Simulated Game Days on the Fonthill Estate in Wiltshire

The Fonthill Estate is a 9,000-acre Estate tucked into the most spectacular part of west Wiltshire, with art and beauty steeped in its history, and home to the Morrison family for almost 200 years.  It encompasses the ancient woodland known as Great Ridge that follows the line of an old Roman road that once brought lead from the Mendips to Old Sarum and taking a peek outside the woods across the downland the panorama is unbelievable.

The present Lord Margadale and his son Declan Morrison are avid sportsmen particularly of simulated game shooting, game shooting and stalking all of which take place on the Estate with its wonderful and varied topography.  The family’s attention to detail is second to none. From decades of experience they are well aware of the importance of great hospitality that should go hand in hand with the sporting day. Whether it be the location for the lunches with its incredible uninterrupted views and carpets of wildflowers underfoot, to the locally sourced ingredients prepared by the Fonthill House chef over fire, to the way the days are run, they leave nothing to chance.

Simulated game shooting mimics live quarry as closely as possible the only difference being you are shooting clays rather than live game and can book days any time between mid April to mid June. Our simulated game days team is led by our Head Keeper, Mick Lewis, who offers relaxed but highly polished days consisting of a pheasant drive, partridge, woodcock, pigeon and grouse.  He has the flexibility of using up to 10 drives across the Estate allowing for wind and inclement weather and should anyone feel in the competitive spirit Mick loves nothing better than a competitive flush drive pitching the teams against each other by counting the missed clays.  He uses Bowman Traps, a mixture of Big Foot and Flurry Auto traps with several manual traps to add variety, depending on the drive. Over the 5 drives during the day he would expect to have fired around 4,000 clays.

Guns come from far and wide to hone their skills getting that pre-season warm up and brushing off the cobwebs, but also to have a wonderful day out, enjoying the spectacular clays, the delicious lunch, the laughter and the joy with their friends and colleagues. The simulated game days we offer are for teams of 12.  For prices and availability please contact Vicky Macaskie / / 01747 820 246.

Country Sports

In addition to our Simulated Game Days, the Estate hosts a variety of sporting activities throughout the year including Deer Stalking, Carp & Fly Fishing, as well as our world renowned Pheasant and Partridge Shooting.

For more details on the above, please see below, or contact the Estate Office on 01747 820 246.


Fonthill Lake Carp Fishing Syndicate:
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